34672300Anxiety is a natural response to stress or a perceived threat.

It is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences at times. However, anxiety disorders occur when anxiety becomes excessive, uncontrollable, and interferes with daily life.

Anxiety is a common concern among people who identify as LGBTQIA. You may experience anxiety related to stigma, discrimination, and fear of rejection because of your sexual or gender expression.

This type of anxiety is particularly acute for those who have not come out to friends or family or live in areas where LGBTQIA is not socially accepted.

In such cases, you need a support system, including a mental health professional who can provide a safe and accepting space to discuss your experiences and concerns.

2059614497Let me provide the support you need.

As a therapist, I help members of the LGBTQIA community address the anxiety they experience. We focus on determining what triggers your anxiety and develop ways to recognize those triggers and change your reaction to them.

Nico*, a gay man, woke up each morning feeling anxious and worried. He can’t seem to shake the feeling, no matter what he does. He worried about everything – his job, relationships, and health.

I worked with Nico’s anxiety by examining his distorted thoughts and using logic to determine their accuracy. We also explored relaxation and coping skills. As a result, Nico learned to deal with his anxiety and identify his triggers.

Don’t go it alone!

I understand the struggles the members of the LGBTQ community deal with regularly. Let’s work together to help you learn the skills to enhance your well-being.

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*Name and story are composite narratives and do not reflect an actual client.