Where are you located?
I am totally virtual and can work with you if you are in Tennessee or Kentucky.
What is your cancellation policy?
I give one missed visit at no charge. Future ones will incur a charge of either $50 or the cost of a session (depending how often you miss).
How do I set up an initial session?
Look at the footer and call, email, or send a message form. I’ll reach out within 48 hours.
How long do sessions last?
Sessions are generally 50-55 minutes.
What platform do you use for telemental health?
I use Doxy.me. I’ll send a link to your email, which will take you to my waiting room.
How do you pronounce your name? Is it like Tin-ya?
It’s Tine-ya, like the tine of a fork.
What's the deal with the dogs? What do they have to do with therapy?
They are in training to become counselors and need real-world experience. Don’t worry; they know how to maintain confidentiality.