Who I Am

1858197292Hiding your true self causes heartache.

It’s painful not to be genuinely yourself around your family and friends.

From a young age, you’ve had to hide your crushes and affections from your family. Your family loves and accepts certain aspects of you, but coming out would be devastating.

Holidays and family gatherings are painful affairs. You squirm at uncomfortable questions like, “When will you get (an opposite sex) a boyfriend/girlfriend?”

You’re so tired of hiding who you are.

Loving those you love shouldn’t hurt.

You have had adverse reactions to your gender expression. Or perhaps you have gender dysphoria and are unsure who you are.

Your parents called it a “phase” and disregarded your attempts at honest communication. It was terrible to see the pain in your parent’s eyes when you tried to tell them who you were actually.

Aunts and uncles look at you with disdain like you’re some troublemaker. Many of your family members won’t even speak to you beyond “I’ll pray for you.”

You deserve to live freely and share your life with someone you love.

BackCounseling can help you find your true self.

Gender counseling and LGBTQIA therapy can help support you through difficult times.

Maybe you’re also experiencing depression, bipolar disorder, grief, or anxiety. There is a higher prevalence of bipolar disorder and depression among LGBTQIA individuals than among the general population.

Don’t be held back by family expectations. Life is too short to let others dictate who you should love. Hiding how you feel only makes matters worse.

Live your truth! I identify with the LGBTQIA community and am willing to walk beside you as you gain the confidence to share on the outside what you have kept hidden on the inside. Contact me now!